Monopoly Money: What You Need to Know

Monopoly Money What You Need to Know

The board game Monopoly uses play money which is called Monopoly money. It is different from real money in many ways, such as its size, shape, color, and design. It does not have any legal value and people cannot use it to buy anything outside the game. However, it is an important part of the game, as players use it to buy and sell properties, build houses and hotels, pay rent and taxes, and trade with other players. In this article, we will discuss Monopoly Money and its format.

The Format of Monopoly Money

This thing comes in different colors and denominations, depending on the version of the game. In the standard U.S. version, Monopoly money consists of notes with the following values and colors:

  • ₩ 1 – White
  • ₩ 5 – Pink
  • ₩ 10 – Yellow or blue
  • ₩ 20 – Green
  • ₩ 50 – Blue or purple
  • ₩ 100 – Red or beige
  • ₩ 500 – Gold or orange
  • ₩ 1,000 (only in Monopoly: The Mega Edition) – Purple or yellow

The symbol “₩” is a special currency symbol for Monopoly money. It looks like a capital letter M with two lines through it. It is similar to the symbol for the South Korean won (₩), but upside-down.

Some versions of Monopoly have different types of money, such as coins, cards, or electronic units. For example, Monopoly Junior has coins with values of ₩ 1, ₩ 2, ₩ 3, and ₩ 4, in addition to notes of ₩ 5. Monopoly Deal is a card game that uses cards with values of ₩ 1M, ₩ 2M, ₩ 3M, ₩ 4M and ₩ 5M. Monopoly Electronic Banking uses a device that keeps track of each player’s balance electronically.


Each player starts the game with a certain amount of it. In the standard U.S. version, each player receives $1,500 at the beginning of the game. This is divided into:

  • Two $500s
  • Two $100s
  • Two $50s
  • Six $20s
  • Five $10s
  • Five $5s
  • Five $1s

The rest of the money goes to the bank. Then, one player acts as the banker and is responsible for giving and taking money from other players.

In Monopoly Junior, each player starts with $20. This is divided into:

  • One $5
  • One $4
  • Three $3s
  • Four $2s
  • Five $1s

The Meaning of Monopoly Money

It is also a slang term that can have different meanings. Sometimes, it is used to refer to currencies that are very colorful or have low value compared to other currencies. For example, some people may call Canadian dollars “Monopoly money” because they are more colorful than U.S. dollars.

Other times, it is used to refer to money that is not real or not worth anything. For example, some people may call fake or counterfeit money “Monopoly money” because they are not legal tender. Some people may also call money that they spend recklessly or irresponsibly “Monopoly money” because they do not use it wisely.


It is an essential part of the board game Monopoly. Moreover, it has its own format, amount and meaning that vary depending on the version of the game. It is also a common expression that can have different meanings depending on the context. Whether you play with it, print it or say it, It is more than just paper bills.

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